Anti-Semitism, Just One Last Wave

All over the world anti-Semitism is growing once again. And it’s growing not because of the Jewish people, but because of God. As we know, the world is under the domain of Satan, and Satan hates God.
But what is happening, must happen, for after every anti-Semitism wave, God exalts His people through His merciful action of deliverance. Don’t forget that Mordecai was second in command in Persia only after the order of extermination had been given. And Israel became a nation only after the holocaust.
This wave of Jew-hatred will culminate with the coming of the Messiah, Yeshua. For just as rabbi Kaduri was shown in dreams, the Messiah’s coming is imminent. Yes, my friends, Jesus’ second coming is approaching. Be prepared, for your redemption is at hand!